Dutch Embassy - Apply for a Dutch Passport or Identity card.

In the Netherlands: To apply for a Dutch passport or ID card, please register with the municipality where you are registered.

In the Dutch Caribbean: Apply for the passport or ID card at the civil affairs department.

Resident in another country: Apply for the passport or ID card at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country where you live. You can also contact one of the designated border municipalities if you are in the Netherlands.

Take along for the application of a Dutch passport or ID card

- a passport photo that meets the passport photo requirements;
- Dutch passport and / or ID card that you already have in your possession.

Are you living abroad?

First check on the official website of the Dutch embassy in the country where you live which documents you need and if you need to make an appointment. For more information, go to: www.rijksoverheid.nl

Collect and apply in person

You must always personally pick up a Dutch ID card or passport and apply to the relevant authority. Your children must also be personally present at application and collection.

Make sure you always check first whether you should make an appointment.

If, due to a mental or physical disability, you can not personally apply for your passport or ID card, an employee of the agency can personally take care of you at your place of stay to handle your application. Ask your municipality or embassy if you live abroad.

More information: Visit the website of the Dutch government: www.rijksoverheid.nl