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  Dutch Embassy in Bahamas

Dutch Consulate in Nassau

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Dutch Embassy Nassau



About Us: We provide general information about the Dutch Consulate in Nassau. However, we have no affiliation with the Dutch Consulate or the Dutch Consulate visa department in Nassau. Foreign Embassies are bilateral missions abroad. Foreign Embassies promote foreign interests abroad. Embassies also play an important role in development, cultural affairs and contacts with the press. The activities of all foreign embassies are coordinated from their Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Often, while the terms embassy and consulate are used together, however, the two are very different. An embassy is the larger and more important of the two and is described as a permanent diplomatic mission which is generally located in a country's capital city. The embassy is responsible for representing the home country abroad and handling major diplomatic issues, such as preserving the rights of citizens abroad. The ambassador is the highest official in the embassy and acting as the chief diplomat and spokesperson for the home government. Ambassadors are typically appointed by the highest level of the home government.To find out more click on   Disclaimer
Consular Assistance - The consular department of the Dutch Consulate offers consular services to Dutch citizens and certifies signatures and document legalisation.
Dutch Travel documents - Only Dutch citizens can get the Dutch passport application form and procedures to submit an application for Dutch passport or Dutch travel documents by contacting the Dutch Consulate in Nassau.
Dutch Visa - Only the Dutch Consulate in Nassau is allowed to issue Dutch visas in Nassau.

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Dutch Embassy - Bahamas  Dutch Embassy - Bahamas  Dutch Embassy - Bahamas  Dutch Embassy - Bahamas

Dutch Embassy - Bahamas

Dutch Consulate - Nassau

Dutch Embassy Nassau

Here you will find information about the Dutch Embassies and consulates abroad. Dutch has more than 150 Embassies, consulates and permanent representations abroad. There are also Consulates with limited powers.